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Move Your Frame

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I know you've had your eye on me for a while. We've had some chance encounters in the studio. Now you can take me home. The real deal. I'm multi-functional and add a whole new dimension to ab, butt and inner thigh workouts. I'm also happy to be thrown at your housemate when they fail to empty the dishwasher. Visit moveyourframe.com for ideas on how to use me at home, or in public...in front of everyone.

Please note, this is the same size ball as used in the Barre studio, and on FRAME ONLINE.

Lucia PT's Top Picks

All my clients lay on this every session. Me too. We lean over all day and our upper backs need to be opened up, so good for an emotional release too! This ball is great because it's a bit kinder than a roller, for this specific stretch. See the pic for how i do this and give it a try for one week every night - i promise after 1 week you'll be hooked! Oh and why do i love it so much?? Can be deflated and put in the bag too! So many ways to use this ball for stretches but to be honest this is the ultimate and even only for this purpose, well worth it.